Plaid is Back: Fall 2006 Fashion Preview

Inspired by the rise of British fashion houses like Chloe and Alexander McQueen (and the British pound), plaid is back for fall. Whether you’re sporting a traditional Burberry plaid or the lumber jack checkered plaid, you should have at least one plaid piece in your wardrobe.

A perfect example of the emergence of plaid is the Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress. I love this dress so much, that If I happened to have $500 lying around this fall (which I guarantee, I won’t), I would definitely add it to my closet. The dress, made from silk taffeta , is available online at Intermix for $465.00.

Now, for those of us unable to spend $500 on a dress, by early fall I’m sure H&M, Zara, Forever 21 or even Jones New York will have a version (although probably not in silk) for a fraction of the cost.  If you happen to have the skill of sewing and/or are inspired by the return of Project Runway, then you can try to recreate this dress yourself. This is a pretty common pattern and the only obstacle may be finding the material.

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  1. says

    Or matching it—plaid is challenging to sew well because unmatched lines look very unprofessional.

    (My mom the seamstress taught me well—and I examine every plaid garment I consider buying to make sure it was matched up before plunking down my hard-earned euros.)

  2. norma says

        Any other place where I can find this dress? I actually saw it on Elisabeth Hasselback (The View) today and I loved it!!

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