Fall 2006 Trend: Animal Print

Like the movie “The Exorcist”, animal prints scare me. It’s not that I’m afraid that wearing a pair of animal printed shoes will make my head spin or make me start speaking in tongues. It’s just that I know it is going to be part of a long line of  trends that will be abused and misused.

So here’s some tips that you MUST follow when trying out the Animal Print trend.

How to Wear Animal Print

  • ~ Wear only one type of animal print at a time. Cheetahs and Zebra’s don’t mix in the wild and they shouldn’t mix on your body
  • ~ Wear only one animal printed item at a time- others may tell you different- but they don’t love you.  Cheetah, Zebra, etc from head to toe is only okay if you’re headlining the midnight show at the “Boom-Boom Room”
  • ~ Pair the piece up with a basic color- black, brown and, for the more advanced, red or pink
  • ~ If your a little new to the animal print game, stick with the accessories (shoes, belts, etc.). If you’re more advanced (at least 3 seasons), then try sweaters, tops, bottoms, and other apparel.
  • ~ Last, but not least, please don’t growl when you wear the print. I had some cheetah clad woman do that to me once and it gave me nightmares much longer than any scary movie

pictured: Leopard bag from Spiegel