Dear Budget Fashionista,

On eBay, I notice several sellers (particularly in the designer handbags section I am shopping) who have multiple “new: with tags” items. They have serial numbers and authenticity cards.  Should I celebrate a great find or still be wary of these sellers?

Still be wary.. very wary…. Actually having tags/serial numbers means nothing at all on eBay because all you need is a color printer and photoshop to create fake tags and you can make up a serial number.

Some quick tips
-Ask the person if they would send you the serial number, so that you can contact the company to make sure it’s authentic.
-Ask for a clear photo of the tags and cards and then head into a store to compare them to the real things.
- Now if the person has the receipt of purchase from the store they bought it from and it willing to copy it and send it to you via email before you bid, then I would celebrate.