Don’t Fall for False Coupons

What: If you’ve ever gone to a store with a coupon in hand, ready to save some money, and then discovered your coupon was faulty or expired, you’re not alone. According to a survey by Harris Interactive (commissioned by, 95% of shoppers have found themselves in this situation. But instead of ditching the purchase entirely, 72% of that group will go ahead and lay the extra dough down. Same sort of statistics go for online shoppers and online coupons, but with 57% vs 72% following through with the purchase.

The best ways to avoid overpaying for items is to go with online coupons Don’t Fall for False Coupons over printable coupons (as you can often find a replacement if something doesn’t work out), and to ensure the coupon discount is applied before you checkout – not afterward. And once you’re stuck with a crappy coupon, don’t give up! Forget the purchase, or shop around for an item with a cheaper price tag.

What They Say:

“Purchasing items at full price despite attempts to save money encourages the distribution of faulty coupons, which not only wastes consumers