Be Yourself

A Facebook profile pic “don’t.”

Getting your glam on is one thing. But when it comes to posting your FB profile pic, don’t overdo it. “Your profile picture should actually look like you,” says Zunzanyika. “Avoid dramatic makeovers that render you unrecognizable.”

I must add my two cents: This “unrecognizable” concept should also include pets. Sure, your cat, bird or iguana Louie is adorable, but I want to see YOU, not a closeup of cutie-patootie-Louie. You WITH your pet is okay, but pass up one that shows ONLY your furry friend.

As Mendes confidently reassured me, “You are the director of your own show.” I loved that! Point is, be yourself. “We weren’t designed to pose in front of a camera,” he says. “And we certainly don’t walk around all day with a huge smile.” So he recommends doing what comes naturally. Smile if you want, stay neutral if you prefer, but always stay in your comfort zone.

Just be careful of getting overzealous in the molar department. “Don’t use a profile photo with a huge smile showing every tooth,” says Goodstein. “That will expose your gums and turn your eyes into slits.”