Great Eyes and Face in a Flash (and Even Without a Flash)

Olivia Wilde

The eyes have it. Olivia Wilde.

It’s been said that the eyes are the windows to the soul and a great way to get more FB friends. (I made that last part up). So show ‘em off in your profile pic, but go easy in the makeup department. Goodstein told me, “Avoid glittery eye shadow because it will sparkle unnaturally when the flash hits. Plus, the glitter will fall on other places of your face.”

We at TBF think you sparkle just by being your wonderful, beautiful self and totally agree with Goodstein’s sparkle-less pic suggestion. To get that just-right glimmer, she suggests heading outdoors, positioning yourself so your eyes catch the sunlight in what she calls that “magic spot” (when it’s just a little hard to keep your eyes wide open).

Debi Gomez of Life’s Images Photography adds, “Light can be your friend or your frenemy. If you have a large window, sit so that it is in front of you and slightly to the side of you.” When it comes to outdoor shots, she, like Goodstein, says to stay out of direct sunlight. Gomez mentioned that when the sun’s directly overhead, it can create the appearance of dark under-eye circles (yucko).