Yoga for Ya Face: Beauty Trend 2008

Photo credit: Gene Moz/TIME

What: A surge of people searching for the Fountain of Youth claim to have found their answer—not in a bottle or under a scalpel, but in facial yoga.

More: says: “The latest trend in yoga doesn’t involve contorting into pretzel shapes or even breaking a sweat for that matter….Called Face Yoga, this low impact “work out” isn’t intended to burn calories, but is supposed to exercise one’s facial muscles.

What we say: Hey, why not? The worst thing that could come from this anti-aging strategy is scaring away a few people while practicing your Lion Face (as seen above). We hold a lot of tension in the muscles in our faces so it makes sense to learn how to relax them. If the end result is a less stressful life and a smoother, younger looking face, making faces should become mandatory. For more information on Face Yoga, check out yoga guru Annelise Hagen’s book The Yoga Face.

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