Take an Extra 15% Off at Filene’s Basement With Coupon!

The Deal: Get an extra 15% off your entire purchase at Filene’s Basement with this printable coupon

The Lowdown: Shop Filene’s Basement for those last-minute holiday gifts.

Never been to Filene’s, or just don’t know how to navigate it? We have a couple of suggestions. First, cashmere—Filene’s usually has a great selection of quality, name brand cashmere that’s reasonably priced (the bins/shelves might be a mess, but it’s worth searching through). Second, designer jeans for way less than you’ll see them just about anywhere else—up to 50% off if you’re lucky.

The one downside? No online shopping. Hence the need for a printable coupon, and possibly a full tank of gas. To find a store near you visit www.filenesbasement.com

Shop: In stores, with coupon

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