Only recently has jumped on the “online shopping” bandwagon. For as long as we can remember, we all had to get to our local mall to shop at Express. Okay, so they are in practically every mall, but we were never able to pre-shop from the Web. In honor of Express’s discovery that, hey, there’s more customers to be won over on the Web, we’ve explored their take on hot summer trends.

Tie Dye
The colors on this sleeveless dress shirt are very, very bright, but it’s in keeping with the tie-dye trend we’ve observed. Definitely pair this top with plain denim or trousers. Now $41.65.

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This beautiful dress (pictured) almost belongs in the tie-dye category, but look closely and you’ll realize those are actually flowers. Big, painterly, not-found-in-nature flowers, but they are in keeping with this trend nonetheless. $98.00.

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Dress like a flapper for a night in this skirt—you won’t stop twirling in it. This fringe skirt is made for dancing. $48.65

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