Everything Becomes School & Office Supplies: Recycle This!

If there is a cooler green company out there right now than TerraCycle, we’d like to hear about it.

TerraCycle recently partnered with Office Max to produce a line of recycled office and school products. The results? One marvelous waste-free future unfolding before us!

A recent rundown in Ecopreneurist goes into more detail, but here are some highlights:

Trash/recycle bins made from recycled computer cases and production waste

Eco binders with 90% recycled metal and 100% recycled paper, that are competitively priced

Natural cleaners in recycled 2-liter bottles, certified by Zero Footprint and Environmental Choice

Pencil cases made from recycled drink pouches such as Capri Sun–the drink pouches are collected at 1300 schools and non-profits, and those organizations are then paid by TerraCycle by the bag. And the pouches are made under decent work conditions in Mexico and New Jersey.

Be sure to hit the article for the scoop on future products made by this amazing progressive company, like treeless paper. Some versions of the proposed treeless paper are made with fragrant-sounding mango and banana leaves–while some are made with the decidedly less fragrant-sounding elephant and rhino dung. We’ll take the mango-leaf paper, thanks.

How does this apply to you at home? You can sell or donate your own junk to TerraCycle to use in their products: cookie wrappers, energy bar wrappers, drink pouches, yogurt containers, corks, and soda bottles. Visit their website for more information.

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