High Fashion Designers at Macy’s in Honor of Eunice Johnson

What: Macy’s and Johnson Publishing Company are partnering to honor Eunice Johnson, style icon, by hosting a month long fashion retrospective at various Macy’s locations. It will feature 10 to 30 looks per location by designers such as Lanvin, Yves Saint Laurent, Vivienne Westwood, Carolina Herrera, Stephen Burrows, B. Michael and more.

What They Say: “It is an honor for Macy’s to stage a celebration of Eunice Johnson’s contributions to fashion, beauty and American history,” say’s Martine Reardon, executive vice president Marketing, Macy’s Inc.  Reardon continues, “This is a wonderful opportunity for us to partner with one of America’s most iconic and revered lifestyle authorities.  Through the Ebony Fashion Fair shows, Mrs. Johnson filled a void in fashion by producing runway presentations that brought a new sense of style, drama and diversity to the industry, and we’re excited to present a glimpse of these historical shows to our customers.”

What We Say: This is awesome because, well, Eunice Johnson was a truly awesome fashionista. She was a fashion pioneer and the first African American to do what she did, so needless to say, we’re happy to see her being honored. Whether you know who she is or not, though, um, you really should IF you’re calling yourself a fashionista, you NEED to check out this exhibit. Seldom will you get to see their work in one place so hop on the fashion train and get your butt down to a near-by Macy’s.

Below are the Macy’s locations participating in the tribute:

·        Macy’s State Street, Chicago, IL; February 2nd to 7th
·        Macy’s Galleria at Hidalgo, Houston, TX; February 3rd to 8th
·        Macy’s Center City, Philadelphia, PA; February 9th to 14
·        Macy’s Aventura, Aventura, FL; February 10th to 14
·        Macy’s Lakeside, Metarie, LA; February 17th to 21st
·        Macy’s Metro Center, Washington, DC; February 17th to 21st
·        Macy’s Beverly Center, Los Angeles, CA; February 22nd to 28th
·        Macy’s Lenox Square, Atlanta, GA; February 24th to 28
·        Macy’s Union Square, San Francisco, CA; February 24th to 28th

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