Etsy Picks for Your Home Under $30

Handmade accessories guarantee that you’ll have something in your home that no one else has, and Etsy is the best resource to shop for one-of-a-kind bric-a-brac. Similar to eBay, Etsy is a website for crafters to sell their wares online. If you appreciate all things handmade but don’t have a DIY bone in your body, then Etsy is the place to get that quirky look without all the stress.

Handmade items are not only more interesting than mass-produced ones, but they’re also much more environmentally friendly. But we’ve saved you the time of sifting through hundreds of listings, and bring you the best Etsy finds under $30.

A Lite Brite lamp ($28, pictured above) surely isn’t something you’ve ever seen in any one of your friend’s homes before. At 23 inches tall and Lite Brite lights as part of its lampshade design, it is by far the coolest (or hottest?) lamp we have ever seen.


Wall decals are extremely popular these days, and we found this super cute one ($18) on Etsy featuring a bird perched upon a cherry blossom tree branch.


These mod coasters ($12 for set of 4) were handcrafted out of recycled, retro fabric in a funky blue and white pattern.


This unique painted wooden box ($18) is made from reclaimed wood. The poppy design gives it a whimsical look, and can be used to house pencils, incense sticks and much more.


A perfect idea to add spunk to a wall in a rented space you aren’t allowed to paint, this switch plate cover ($6) is decoupaged with an extra fun and playful pattern.


Who doesn’t love a pretty photo frame? This shabby chic wood frame ($18) has been stamped and heat embossed with a vintage floral design.

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  1. Michelle Pendergrass says

    Oooh!  I think I’d love to win that chair so I could learn how to relax.  I’d watch a movie on that thing (and hopefully fall restfully asleep!)

  2. Ata says

    This chair looks so comfy!  I love to just lay on the ground and it would make a great pillow!  I want one!!  :)

  3. Kelly Shaw says

    Love the “chair”!  It’s perfect for my bedroom when you want to watch TV and your pillows just aren’t enough support.  And I would love it on those lazy days when you are reading – with over 100 ways to use it, that means I could read all day!!

  4. Princess Momma says

    My husband has been talking about getting some bean bag chairs or something similar to put in his office. I would love to check these out.

  5. Loralynn Maresh says

    This would be so cool to have for during family movie night!  One of my boys always ends up on the floor!!

  6. Karla says

    it looks like it would feel like being on a cloud and I need that as my husband kicks me off the couch so he can stretch out and I end up on the hard floor when we watch tv –

  7. Libby says

    I just stumbled on your site, too!  What a great idea; I’ve been looking for a seating solution that is versatile & comfortable.

  8. Nessa says

    I found your site via Stumble Upon and I’m impressed. This chair looks amazing! I’d love to have a comfy place to relax!

  9. Shauna Smith says

    They thought of 10 different ways to use that omni chair?  Well I can easily think of 10 different guys I’d want sitting in that with me!

  10. ryan malo says

    the pillow/chair/comfy thing looks awesome!!!!  I would definatly use it everyday but I might have to get two or fight my son for it:)

  11. Carrie says

    This would be comfy for everyday use and with the non-rip nylon it would hopefully stand up to my 110lb dog and her big claws!  I think it would go great in a screened porch.

  12. DEANIS says


  13. Misty Kertzman says

    Reminds me of a nest – perfect for movie nights! Home theater furniture!  I’d love to win this – looks like such a restful place to relax after my long days at work.  Popcorn, movie, boyfriend, blanket, & that Sumo Omni Chair.

  14. Erin M. Rocha says

    I adore pillows! I sleep with 8 in my bed. This one that you have created looks completely rad and comfy! 😉

  15. Kirsten says

    What an amazingly comfy looking “chair”! I would so love to plop it right in the center of my living room!

  16. Sandy Kroeze says

    This chair looks like it might help me get pregnant.  It would surely be a miracle, since I’m 64!

  17. monica says

    stumbled upon this…LOVE it.  it would be perfect for me and my love’s…my dog and my boyfriend!  definitely passing this on.  thanks for a great site : )

  18. Ubaldina says

    Very funky piece. It matches the color scheme for my living room. This website has the best ideas for those on a budget. Bravo!

  19. Patrick Lundquist says

    Wow, I found out about sumos two weeks ago and have been craving their comfort!  perfect contest timing!

  20. Sarah says

    I would absolutely love it for story time in my classroom! One of my friends mentioned having a giant beanbag chair in her classroom, maybe this was it?!? :)

  21. amyre says

    This looks so cool and comfy!! I want one! or two! Im   thinking of ways to incorporate this into my first apt:)

  22. josie delaney says

    wow! that’s fabulous! My kids would love it! So would I. I’m sure we’d end up fighting over who gets to sit or lay on it! But it might actually be big enough for all of us!

  23. Tessa says

    I LOVE this! What a great idea! It’d be perfect to use when I lay down to play with our pet rabbit, Hank.

  24. Amber Allen says

    Oh wow! Giving one away free?! That’s awesome!! This thing looks absolutely amazing. One of my friends has a giant beanbag chair thing, but this one looks WAAAAY better than his. I would sooooo love to rub it in his face if I got this ‘cause he loves to gloat about his dumb ol’ beanbag, haha. Of course, I would let him come sit on it. :)

  25. jessica says

    this would fit much better than a futon in my tiny apartment!!! poor college student + need for a comfy something to chillax on = THIS!

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