Etsy is a mecca of vintage-meets-crafty fabulousness. Like Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook, it sucks me in like a glitter-filled black hole where I spend hours clicking through steampunk couture clothing, retro bubblegum pink telephones and radios, hand-stamped stationery and elegant/kitschy/whimsical jewelry.

Seriously–Etsy causes my otherwise-Type A, stingy self to delve into a dangerous world of impetuous fiscal behavior. On occasion I’m plagued with buyer’s remorse, but if I find a great deal on a piece of eye candy–one that’s sure to earn me sidewalk oohs and ahhs and make me feel like a fashion goddess–I know I made a worthwhile purchase.

Today I’m singing the praises of five different Etsy stores that specialize in inexpensive, kitschy-cute jewelry. Such products make a big impact, so you don’t need to cover yourself from head to toe in them. If you want to remain fashion-savvy, choose one (or maybe two) items to wear as statement pieces and you’ll be set for the day.

Affordable Etsy Jewelry Shops

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Baily Belle

Baily Belle
Vanessa is an '80s child whose kitschy jewelry goods are inspired by Mother Nature. She makes use of non-traditional jewelry materials such as felt and linens, along with wire, gemstones and various metals. If you're in the market for jewelry that nods to your inner woodland fairy, you'd be wise to browse around Baily Belle's shop for a few minutes. Prices on jewelry start at $18.