Ethnic Look Part Deux: Cotton Skirts

I refuse to pay over $30 bucks for trendy items, especially ones that are inherently cheap in their nature.

Like the whole cotton broomstick/prairie skirt/just back from Bali trend. I love the skirts; they are incredibly comfortable, lightweight, and provide just the right amount of coverage for my ever expanding backside. However, $200 bucks for a basic cotton skirt is absolutely ridiculous. Plain and simple.

Budget-friendly Cotton Skirts with an Ethnic Look

What’s a fashionista to do?

Head to your local PayHalf, H&M or Strawberry’s, where you can get 10 different cotton skirts for the price of one. Focus on the fit The skirt should hang loose from the hips down and should be long enough to cover your knee caps. Make sure the skirt doesn’t bunch up around the waist and that it is lined. Lining is often the key difference between a cheap item and a higher end item. 

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