On a recent trip to Ireland, my flight had what was supposed to be a two-hour layover in Frankfort, Germany. Just enough time for bier! And giant pretzels! And spaetzel! before hopping the plan and heading to the land of emerald pastures and thick, dark Guinness.

Items You Should Have in Your Carry-on

But our airline had other plans, which included a half-day strike that left us stranded in the Frankfort airport for 18 hours. We tried to get comfy and grab some shut eye on the wholly uncomfortable chairs in the terminal. By the time we made it to our destination though, we were a little worse for the wear– but not nearly as ragged as we could have been, thanks to some key items packed in our carry-on.

Next time you jet off on a grand adventure, don’t forget to pack these five essentials in your carry-on, lest you encounter a bit of turbulence in your travels.