Last week, I did a photo shoot for Essence Magazine for their “Her Style” feature which showcases women they consider to have great personal style. To have Essence, the magazine ran by sistas that know style, select me as a stylish person to feature in none other than their September Fall fashion issue is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Better than the time I found a pair of Kate Spades Sandals at DSW for $13.98. Possibly even better than the time I saw Michael Jackson in a shopping mall (where else would I be?) in South Africa.

I wish I could post the fabulous pictures, but I won’t be able to until the magazine comes out. So here’s the run down:

Location: Sun West Studios, New York, NY. Beautiful large studio, facing the Hudson River (towards New Jersey for those outside of NYC) with tons of natural sunlight.
Editors/Stylists: Pamela Edwards and Gwen Covington, my two new best friends. Pam taught me the way to appear taller when taking a picture is to imagine a string pulling your navel towards your back. It works.
Hair: Tina Pearson—who knows how to work a weave. Tina has revolutionized my hair life my giving me the ultimate tip to taming curling hair during the humid summer. Mix your favorite conditioner with tap water in a spray bottle (an old hair spray bottle works well) and spritz through your hair while finger combing (not brushing) the hair.
Make-up: The fabulous Louie (who has worked on Beyonce), who gave me a nice natural groomed look, which is the perfect make-up look for this summer (think shimmery eye, soft pink gloss, groomed eyebrows). 

Outfit One—A brown collared tunic and wide leg jeans from Avenue, layered necklaces from H&M.

Outfit Two—Teal blue dress from Kiyonna, brown and gold H&M necklace. This was my favorite outfit and I even purchased the dress with a discount.  See, when celebs do photo shoots, they often like the items they wear and request to purchase them. The discount depends on a person’s celebrity status—Nicole Kidman gets it for free, I get it for 20%.

I rocked each outfit with a pair of 3.5 inch Prada shoes which I borrowed from Essence’s fashion director, Agnes Commack. Agnes has styled everyone from Angela Basset to John Cusack and has promised to take yours truly shopping to purchase my very own pair of designer 3+ inch heels (from Last Call Neiman Marcus, of course). Now if she would only teach me how to wear them because after the shoot my feet was killing me.