Erin Fetherston for Target

What: Erin Fetherston, the girly,girly designer and Vogue favorite, is producing a line for Target.

What the Fashions heads say:  From fashionista.comWe love Erin Fetherston. We love Target. We love the way Erin put blonde wigs on all her models for this shoot. And we love this collection, but you’ll have to wait for it: The beautiful coats, dresses, and leggings don’t hit stores until November, but our secret sources sent us images today.

What I say: That cream coat is hot.  However, I doubt the rest of the line (see a preview) will sale well outside of New York. I can’t imagine my peeps in Minnesota walking down the street rocking an orange jumper in the middle of winter (although the orange against the snow would make an interesting contrast)).  But I’m more of a Temperley girl myself.

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  1. says

    i agree with you.  i’m from sc, and i would be really surprised to see people wear some of that around here.  but i really like all the peter pan collars and the grey scarf with hearts!

  2. Amy says

    Yikes!! Way too precious and girlie. Not sure why some designers insist on dressing grown women as little girls but it’s insulting and vaguely disturbing. I’ll be passing on this entire collection.

  3. Mojo says

    Hmm aside from the cream coat and the grey heart scarf, I don’t really like it. The rest of the outfits are a little to little girlish or anime character looking.

  4. tendrella says

    Hi everyone. I am new to The BF. Just read the book &, with girlfriend at work, we’re working on our list of basics. Both 50-ish in SF.  I have question:  my primary personal style right now seems to be Urban Trekker, although I can do Conservative if I have a funeral to attend; I am petite (4’11”)with curves (definitely working on my backyard): what do I do about the basic black suit so I don’t look like a penguin??? Is it essential?  Where do I look for it??? Help appreciated.

  5. Megan says

    So is this line going to launch at Target the same time as the Temperley line? That seems strange that they would have 2 GO International lines in store/online at the same time?

  6. jaqui says

    it’s a shame a line like that probably won’t sell well outside of new york because it’s adorable! but hey, here’s to hoping i’m the only one in des moines that’s seen sporting the line come winter!

  7. lulu says

    YIKES! That’s cute for a very, very young pre-schooler. But if you’re past the age of 12, no way. And if you wanna be seen as a woman and taken seriously, then please don’t wear this. Way ridiculous. Hey, I also noticed most “fashionable” clothes this year look super cheap and costume-like. Why? Well, I have my own style and it definitely does not allow this.
    And I will add, like someone said on that board, leggings are extremely tacky, no matter what color or what age the person is. I don’t get why women wear them, but I’m guessing it’s only because they wanna be fashionable.

  8. Suz says

    The coats and the shoes are great for anyone. The rest of it is great for the usual Target juniors customer (i.e., the young) but not for the rest of us.

  9. Pamela says

    I just finished reading your book, “How to Be a Budget Fashionista”, it Rocked!  I’m an actress in Hollywood, Ca, and Loved your Fashion advice.  I’ve told my friends about your book, and your blogs.  Kathryn, Thank You for enjoyable reading.

  10. em says

    i luv how they used hearts so much! 2 bid i live in canada with no target and they dont ship hear, o well theres always ebay

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