Erin Fetherston for Target

What: Erin Fetherston, the girly,girly designer and Vogue favorite, is producing a line for Target.

What the Fashions heads say:  From fashionista.comWe love Erin Fetherston. We love Target. We love the way Erin put blonde wigs on all her models for this shoot. And we love this collection, but you’ll have to wait for it: The beautiful coats, dresses, and leggings don’t hit stores until November, but our secret sources sent us images today.

What I say: That cream coat is hot.  However, I doubt the rest of the line (see a preview) will sale well outside of New York. I can’t imagine my peeps in Minnesota walking down the street rocking an orange jumper in the middle of winter (although the orange against the snow would make an interesting contrast)).  But I’m more of a Temperley girl myself.