Fall Trend Alert: Equestrian Chic

Net-a-Porter reports that “chic equestrian” is all the rage, featuring “traditional garb with a twist,” as well as hoof-and-stirrup details.

Okay, so we didn’t like the jodhpurs, but the equestrian look? It’s a big—maybe. Actually, it’s a do, but only assuming you do it right. Think inspired-by, not heading-to-the-stables.

Here’s how it can work—pick a piece, any piece: a riding boot, a double-breasted short coat, a tweed riding cap. But don’t wear them all at once. The boots, like these by Mossimo at Target, would look great with a pretty, feminine blouse and slim jeans. A short coat? Wear it on top of a wide trouser with some buckle flats. And the cap? Well, that’s up to you but make sure it’s the focal point—don’t wear it with a plaid coat and colored tights. But you knew that.

Of course, if the garb doesn’t grab you but you’d still like to participate in the trend, try this cute, understated chain belt with stirrup links, by Diane Gilman. It might be just enough, in fact.

~ Angela


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