Envirosax Releases New Kids Collection: Green Fashion

Looking for a good way to educate your children about being environmentally-friendly? Maybe you’re looking for a unique gift for a niece or nephew’s upcoming birthday. Perhaps your son or daughter loves to carry your reusable bags to the grocery store.

Whatever the reason may be, Envirosax Kids will help tomorrow’s future move in the right direction by educating kids in a fun way, today.

Envirosax has just released a fantastic new kids collection that is both fun and inexpensive. Envirosax makes designer eco-friendly, reusable shopping totes. The new kids collection allows for children to jump on board with the concept of using eco-friendly products in a really fun way! For only $8.50 a pop, your child can choose from such fun designs as “Dogasaurus” and “Piggy in the Middle”.

As every parent knows, children come with accessories. When you pack them in the car, they need to bring at least 72 toys along with them, as well as a jacket.

When you go to the beach, they need at least 84 sand toys, as well as some sunscreen and a little hat to keep the sun from their eyes.

Now you can teach them about the environment, while teaching them to be responsible for their own “stuff”. Let them fill the Envirosax and go!

And next time you’re ready to head to the grocery store, let your little one bring along her sack and she can help with the shopping. Her juice boxes, organic fruit and other treats will fill her bag. What a big girl!

Image courtesy of Envirosax.com

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