Enveme.com: Site Review

The Lowdown: Anyone over the age of 13 knows that, on some level, music and fashion just go together. And while most of us over the age of 21 find that as the years go on, the occasions to wear studs and stilettos grow fewer and fewer, most of us still harbor a secret need to get our rock on. So why not capitalize on shoppers’ inner rock-chick by combining the two into a retail website? Well that’s what Enveme.com has done, but is it worth our time? We aim to find out.

Our Review: First, let us just say that as people who spend much of our time surfing the net, we find sites that blast us with an unexpected musical soundtrack upon loading are not our favorites. Yes, we get that it’s a music-and-fashion site, and that, according to their “about me” page that’s what people want, but we’ve always found that blast of sudden music a bit jarring. Perhaps we need to cut back on our coffee intake, or perhaps we just need to be under 30. But we digress …

The site itself? Okay, clearly the target demographic is in fact under 30, not that there’s anything wrong with that. It may actually be under 25 … or even under 18 as evidenced by the animated “Envezones” virtual meeting place, complete with avatars you can dress up and accessorize, and apartments you can rent and decorate. For a price, of course. Um, pass.

So what about the fashion? Think Forever21 and Charlotte Russe’s slightly edgier pieces, for a few more bucks. We like what we see, and the pieces do have a marginally rock edge—like these Destroyed Bootcut Jeans for $44, and this Zipper Front Dress, also $44, but seriously? The selection is incredibly limited, and we can get the same stuff for less elsewhere.

The Verdict: Nay. The site is more about the music and “community” than the fashion, with all the virtual meeting places, calls for unsigned bands, and sample tracks from up-and-coming bands. Which is fine, but our precious shopping time will be better spent elsewhere.

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