Entertaining on a Budget: Valentines Day

No matter how bitter or cynical you get on Valentine’s Day, admit it, you’d eat a gorgeous heart-shaped cookie without any second thoughts. This is why we think resurrecting the old Christmas cookie exchange for Valentine’s Day is just what this holiday needs. It is a simple way to feed your guests for less.

However, if you are in love and insist on reveling in this holiday’s mushy glory, then host a dinner party for a few of your couple friends. Keep it simple. Ask people to bring bread, their favorite pasta dish, and a bottle of wine.  Spreading out the food responsibility saves you money and makes your guests feel like a part of the action. You can make the dessert. Try this easy recipe for triple chocolate brownies from AllRecipies.com. It’s our favorite site, for quick, easy delicious recipes. And they are all rated, so you can’t go wrong.

No matter what you do, here are some things that can make your party fabulous for less…

  • Forget the evite, take the time to invite guest in style. It’s not hard. All you have to do is cut hearts out and use spray adhesive to glue the hearts to the front of some blank 4″x5″ cards. You can find them at your local craft store or here. Or if the thought of making cards makes you want to vomit, we love the simple look of these Etsy cards, 4 for $12.50 or these cute mini-valentines (pictured above) $5 for 8.

  • If you are more adventurous, try making the amazing pop-up flower card.
  • Remember, it’s not a party unless there are favors. Make these little boxes using the template designed by Patricia at A Little Hut blog and fill them with M&Ms, or Sweet Tarts.
  • If you have a few jars leftover from your grandma, or canning this summer, use them as luminaries. Buy doilies from your local craft store and use spray adhesive to affix the doilies to the front of the jars. Put a tea light inside and use them as fabulous luminaries or a lovely centerpiece for your party. Around this time of year doilies can be bought in red, pink, gold, and heart-shaped. Go crazy.

  • To add some whimsy to your party make these tissue paper pom-poms.  Tissue paper can be bought inexpensively from your local craft store. Look in the after Christmas-clearance section to score some red, gold or white tissue paper.  Our favorite place to buy tissue paper is our local dollar store.

  • Spice up your party with Spouse-Ology, a game that tests your knowledge of your spouse or significant other. Buy it from Amazon for $24.99.
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