Entertaining on a Budget: The Chocolate Fountain

Last year, when the chocolate fountain showed up under the tree it seemed like a joke. Who doesn’t want a fountain of cascading chocolate? But we wondered if we’d ever get it out. A year later, the chocolate fountain has made an appearance at every single one of our parties.  In fact, often the chocolate fountain is the only reason we need for the party.  It is simple and inexpensive to use. All it takes is four small bags of chocolate chips, buy the Sam’s Choice at Walmart for $1.94 a bag and vegetable oil (use what you have on hand). Make a plate of brownies, buy a bag of marshmallows and ask your guests to bring the wine and that is all you need for an evening of fun and chocolate.

Buy it from Walmart for $34.99. It’s an investment up front that pays off in the end. Our friends absolutely love bringing new and inventive things to dip in the chocolate fountain. Here are some of our favorite dippers:

  • Oreo Creamsters
  • Brownies
  • Frozen cream puffs
  • Our entire face
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