Entertaining on a Budget: Quick and easy centerpiece

Last week, I went to a spectacular Christmas party. The people hosting the party had just gotten their power back after a nasty winter storm knocked it out for two days. Despite that the house looked gorgeous. The table with the food was decorated with a simple white table cloth and two large glass vases and a large glass bowl filled with Christmas lights. The result was a simple and elegant setting. And all they had done was attach a battery pack (found at your local hardware or drugstore for $2-$6, or buy them here online for $4.49) to a strand of lights and stuck the lights haphazardly in their glass vases and bowls. To make the look dramatic use over sized vases and bowls.

To get the look in the picture above, sold at Amazon for $14.95, add pine cones, raffia and metallic ball ornaments.

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