Entertaining on a Budget: Cocktail umbrellas

Now that the cold weather is getting a little old, it’s time to warm things up. Nothing warms your house up like a party, complete with these cunning little cocktail umbrellas.

These are simple and easy to make.
1. Cut circles three inches in diameter out of your favorite pieces of scrap paper.
2. Cut a slit up the side of the circle until you reach the center.
3. Pull the cut ends of the paper until they overlap, making a cone.
4. Tape or glue the paper in the shape of a cone.
5. Hot glue the umbrella tops to the tops of the skewers and voila! You have some sassy, cheap, and fun umbrellas for a fun mid-winter luau.

Go to handmade.com for more detailed instructions and a pattern.

Picture from handmade.com

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