EndlessBeauty.com Site Review:

As all you readers out there know, looking your best every day is no easy feat, but feeling your best every day is even harder. At The Budget Fashionista, we know it’s super important to look great and feel great too, which is why this particular site caught our eye.

Our Review: Endlessbeauty.com is a unique site so don’t be fooled by its somewhat generic name. What’s so unique about it, you ask? Well, it strives to communicate with woman in ways that most fashion sites do not.

Though of course, we adore websites that provide us with the basic ways to look beautiful on the outside, EndlessBeauty really challenges the reader to work on her inside as well. We love this. Let’s face it: In an industry that can sometimes be on the shallow side, it’s so refreshing to stumble upon a site that seems to care about actual issues we women face all the time, like our body image and mental health.

The point is, you won’t simply be reading about what shade of blush makes your cheeks pop at EndlessBeauty, though they have this too. You will be learning about how spending time in nature can boost your mood or how reading can improve your cognitive function. You can also check in on the product reviews or blog, which features stories about accomplished women and more!

In addition to really great article content, EndlessBeauty has it’s own YouTube channel called BeautyVision, which provides the viewer with step-by-step ways to say, curl your hair with a straightening iron or how to talk to your stylist. We found these videos to be super easy, quick ways to learn beauty how-tos and get some solid advice.

So yes, we’re pretty into this site, but if you’re looking for a pure fashion website where you want to mindlessly peruse different outfits and make-up tips, then this is not necessarily where you should be spending your time. However, we spend hours doing the aforementioned and sometimes it is so nice to visit a site geared toward being strong, intelligent and fashionable, all in one.

Verdict: We’re absolutely giving this site a Yea!

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