Endless.com – New Shoe Store by the folks at  Amazon

Free shipping? Check

Free UPS Overnight Shipping? I am in love

Endless.com is the new online shoe store site recently developed by the wonderful folks at Amazon.com and set to blow our friend Zappos.com and traditional shoes stores right out of the water.


1. Endless.com offers FREE overnight shipping on all purchases- order the shoes on Monday and get them by Tuesday. Plus they offer FREE returns and you have up to a YEAR to return the shoes.

2.  Endless.com has REAL sales, I’m talking 40 to 60% off the listed price. (Note to Zappos: 12% off isn’t a sale). I bought a pair of designer FarylRobin shoes for $69.89 down from $153.95 (a savings of 54%).

3. The Navigation system is very web 2.0, allowing you to select the color, style, brand, width (from 4A to 4E) and a price range (on a brilliant sliding scale) all without leaving the page. It’s like the Amazon of shoes.

The bad: Their bag collection could use some help and they need to come up with a constant system for describing their shoes (some of the descriptions are missing shoe information). Also, it would be great if you could link it to your Amazon account.