Endless.com – New Shoe Store by the folks at Amazon

Free shipping? Check

Free UPS Overnight Shipping? I am in love

Endless.com is the new online shoe store site recently developed by the wonderful folks at Amazon.com and set to blow our friend Zappos.com and traditional shoes stores right out of the water.


1. Endless.com offers FREE overnight shipping on all purchases- order the shoes on Monday and get them by Tuesday. Plus they offer FREE returns and you have up to a YEAR to return the shoes.

2.  Endless.com has REAL sales, I’m talking 40 to 60% off the listed price. (Note to Zappos: 12% off isn’t a sale). I bought a pair of designer FarylRobin shoes for $69.89 down from $153.95 (a savings of 54%).

3. The Navigation system is very web 2.0, allowing you to select the color, style, brand, width (from 4A to 4E) and a price range (on a brilliant sliding scale) all without leaving the page. It’s like the Amazon of shoes.

The bad: Their bag collection could use some help and they need to come up with a constant system for describing their shoes (some of the descriptions are missing shoe information). Also, it would be great if you could link it to your Amazon account.


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  1. brenda says

    Zappos rocks Endless. They always price guarantee their products, and their service just can’t be matched (at least it wasn’t when I tried to use Endless who mis-processed my order!) They must be working out the bugs…

  2. TBF says


    Endless is in beta right now, so they’re working out the bugs.. but overall there is no way Zappos beats Endless.  As a longtime Zappos shopper (cause I have big feet), the store rarely has the type of sales I’ve seen on Endless (12% off, pleeease). Plus Zappos often inflates their price (just do a quick comparison of Nine West shoes on Zappos vs Nine West shoes on Amazon) to cover the cost of free shipping. Plus Endless has a much more appealing interface and the use of web 2.0 technology makes for an easier and more satisfying shopping experience. I will admit the shoe descriptions are horrible (all we need are the basics not some long ad copy) and they probably link their customer service to the general amazon system- but overall it is fabulous

    Plus how can you argue against FREE Overnight shipping.

  3. says

    I took a good look around and was loving the fact that they have real sales.

    I happen to love checking out great comfortable, casual shoes and was disappointed to see that they don’t have Puma, Vans, Asics, Campers, Dansko, and Crocs. It’s a good start and I hope they’re constantly adding more brands. 

    In future, I’ll have to shop around at both stores.

  4. says

    Okay, I checked the site out and I found a pair of boots I have been looking for, so I snatched them up. I had tried to get them from both zappos.com and piperlime.com but there was always a missing component: not the right width, or not the right calf size. The price of the boots at endless.com was comparable to the price at piperlime.com and cheaper than zappos.com. If you are super-curious, I have chronicled the obsession with these boots at my blog:


    In the meantime, thanks so much for the tip! I would never have found this shoe site otherwise. I’m hoping the order goes smoothly (at least better than the previous commentor’s experience) and I will be happy.

  5. Reesy says

    I love Zappos as well. I think Endless is a bit pricey. I always find wonderful shoes on Zappos and their size 11 selection is pretty good. Haven’t had the same luck with Endless. The cutest shoes on Endless are sizes too small for me.

    I ordered a pair of patents from Zappos just yesterday. They are scheduled for delivery tomorrow. Zappos now offers free overnight shipping when you place your order on Friday….its a limited time offer though.

  6. liz says

    Endless seems to not have an endless selection if you have wide feet.  Looks like the only wide options are Birkenstocks and Dr. Martens.  On the other hand, I waste hours on Zappos looking at wide shoes!

  7. Cindy says

    To the comment posted by Angela about Marshalls: I completely agree! Which Marshalls do you go to? The one around me has a limited shoe selection.

  8. says

    I’ll be interested to see if Endless turns a profit, given their heavy discounting and free shipping. I say this because Zappos, which doesn’t make down its offerings nearly as much, posted a profit in 2006 for the first time since its inception. Free shipping is a wonderful plus for customers (I almost never buy online unless shipping is free) but it is difficult for a business to sustain – after all, SOMEONE is paying for those charges. Here’s hoping Endless can do it.

  9. Reesy says

    To Angela,

    Marshall’s is great for those people who have less than a size 11 foot. Their size 10 selection even is a joke. I wish I could find great deals like that at Marshalls.

  10. TBF says

    Yep Reesy-

    Marshalls doesn’t really have any size 11 shoes and barely any size ten shoes. Now my true spot for discount shoe shopping is DSW… I once purchase 10 pairs of shoes for $110 (I have witnesses) and I also bought a pair of Kate Spade leather slide sandals for $13.98 (actually I didn’t pay a dime cause I used my discount coupon).

    Regardless- I do shop on Zappos and I bought a pair of cool Farylrobin shoes from Endless without any problem. I wear a size eleven and work in the fashion industry, prior to sites like Zappos it was nearly impossible to fine a good pair of shoes   any place but Nordstrom…

  11. Paris says

    Looks like Zappos is now offering free overnight shipping too and their selection is sooo much larger than endless.  I also know Zappos offers 110% price protection so I never worry about paying too much.

  12. Tracey says

    I just bought a pair of Nine West boots from endless for $40.00. I love the easy interface and the speed of the site. Their selection is pretty good but not yet as large as zappos. I already see that the prices are waaaay better than zappos.

  13. Shante says

    Endless has a LOVELY search feature that lets you get up close and personal with the product. AND TBF is right! Zappos is about to lose big business. I bought a pair of Jessica Simpson slouch boots for $49 and the same boot is advertised on Zappos for $192! Plus endless if offering a $5 discount on each purchase thru February PLUS free overnight shipping! I’m in love

  14. Patrice Teilmann says

    I think Endless.com is awesome!  I am a size 11 and have to order shoes online often.  I bought a great pair of farylrobin suede pumps for 70% off, a $5 discount, and free overnight shipping.  Beat that Zappos!

    I post on another website and the women were going crazy with the recent sale Endless just had.  I will be back for more!

  15. Ronald Limmerick says

    Endless still can’t beat Zappos. Their customer service is outstanding and Endless uses some strange Amazon outsource location. Plus, Zappos always is willing to price protect so even if Endless has it for lower, Zappos is always there to beat the price! Then with free overnight shipping and service that is so fast you can get exchanges in a matter of minutes!

  16. Elaine says

    I just placed an order on endless.com and they gave $5 off for choosing overnight shipping! How cool is that! I only go to Zappos to check the reviews, otherwise I wouldn’t even bother. Zappos’ prices are inflated and they have no sales. Well done, Amazon!!

  17. Broken_Artist says

    You people are lame, c’mon! Endless.com sucks! They seriously think that they are going to beat out a company that has been the best for 9 years?! Honestly get over it! It’s never going to happen! Zappos.com offers free overnight shipping and you know what they also off a 110% price protection where if you find the shoe on their site and you also find it on another website for the same size, color and width they not only match the other websites price but they’ll beat it by 10% of the difference. It’s amazing! And NO ONE can beat they’re customer service, every time I call them I also have a very nice representative. They have a way better selection and more brands then Endless.com. Zappos has better handbag selections and also sells apparel and accessories and belts, sunglasses, almost everything of fashion you can think of. They have well over 1,000 different shoe brands alone, plus all the handbag brands their couture brands, apparel brands and everything. Just give up this isn’t even a battle. Cause Zappos has already won!!!!

  18. Steph says

    Service, service, service….
    I don’t know about you all, but I can get a good deal just about anywhere if I really look for it.  I shop for service.  Why I shop with Zappos.com?  It states it on their main page.  “We are a service company that happens to sell shoes, bags, apparel, accessories …”  The customer truly does come first.
    Endless has great prices, but, will they ever have customer service like Zappos or selection?  Doubtful.
    Zappos.com has Free overnight shipping (I got my order 14hours after I purchased it!!), free returns, 110% Price Protection (I went to Endless, found what I wanted on sale, called Zappos.com and got it $10 less than Endless by price protecting it.  Not only that, but they searched for my other shoe to make sure I was getting the best deal on THAT one!).  It’s all in the service and I haven’t had one good comment about Endless’ customer service or their products (I had to return 2 pairs of boots to Endless because they had scratches and scuff marks!  Thank goodness they have free returns!).
    I would pay more for great service!  Wouldn’t you? :-)

  19. Greg says

    If Zapps is such a service company, why didn’t they offer us free overnight shipping before Endless.com? They had 9 years! I don’t see them offering free overnight -5$ shipping. Do you really believe Amazon couldn’t compete with Zapps selection?

  20. Niki says

    Hey, I’m a TBF.com virgin(hehe!) and I must commend TBF on a really wonderful, extremely helpful site…MUCH KUDOS TO YOU. Anyway, I’ve purchased shoes from Endless shoes approximately 3 times since March and TBF is right when she says that no other online shoe retailer could beat Endless’ deals and free overnight shipping offer. Since the first time I’ve shopped there, it’s been $-5 overnight shipping, therefore you end up paying $5 off your purchase! I love Endless so much, ever since I bought a pair of MIA espadrilles for only $9.86. Endless Shoes are unbeatable!

  21. says

    Granted, Endless does carry shoes over size 10…but that doesn’t mean I’d ever wear them.  As a size 12, I don’t want to order so-so shoes by relative unknowns just because “they’ll fit” – where’s the fashion?  For larger sizes, I say that Zappos has Endless beat, and Barefoot Tess has EVERYONE beat (forget Clarks, I’m talking Loeffler Randall people!)

  22. jaim says

    I like how specific you can get on Endless – size, color, heel height, etc.  Zappos is overwhelming.  I got the most gorgeous Joan and David wedges from Endless for $35.99 (not including the $5 discount). I ordered them about 10 AM and when I got into the office the next morning, they were already delivered and waiting for me.  Can’t beat that.

  23. Alena says

    Unfortinatelly for the international customers like me endless is a history.Monstrosity of Amazon does not know the bounds by charging 140 dollars shipping fee for pair of shoes.Disgrace!!!!!

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