End of the Celebrity Fashion Line?

What:  Apparently celebrity fashion lines are being caught in the retail closing mix. Of course, we saw this coming… we knew the end was near when Katherine Heigl launched a line of scrubs.

From AdAge: “Following the worst holiday shopping season in four decades, numerous retailers are going bankrupt or being liquidated and taking celebrity brands down along with them. The recent rash of retail-store woes underscores that nascent (some might say marginal) celebrity fashion brands are far from immune from the recession. “

What We Say: Was I the only one who felt that the juniors/teen oriented LL Cool J line at Sears didn’t make a bit of sense? I mean, do teenagers think LL Cool J, is uhh, still cool? The recent econonmic downturn has flipped the switch from passive to active consumerism, meaning that throwing a celebrity name on an inferior product won’t instantly translate into sales. The product has to actually be stylish, good quality, and affordable and there are some examples of celebrities who have done just that, like the surprising good Jessica Simpson accessories line and the much discussed “Bitten” line by Sarah Jessica Parker at the now defunct Steve & Barry’s.

What do you think? Are celebrity fashion lines dead?

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  1. morgan.2004 says

    LL Cool J’s line was at Sears which is even worse than JC Penney’s. As for SJP’s line, I do have a pair of jeans which held up but the shirts and sweaters looked so cheap I wouldn’t even waste my money. Steve and Barry’s was cheap but the clothes are crap.

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