Emmy Fashion: The Best Dressed

Photo: E! Online
Katherine Heigel
Why it’s an Emmy Favorite: Nobody does old Hollywood glamor better than Heigel. She understands her strengths (tall, slim, blond) and her personal style (a bit on the conservative side) and sticks with it. Plus I just love her.

Eva Longoria Emmy
Photo: E! Online
Eva Longoria

Why it’s an Emmy Favorite: Eva shows that sometimes a cocktail dress works better than a ball gown. Plus her sequined dress is on trend for Spring 2008.

helen mirren
Photo: Reuter/Yahoo
Helen Mirren
Why it’s an Emmy Favorite: Helen Mirren . She wears color, shows cleavage, and knows that sexy has very little to do with age and everything to do with attitude and style. Just because you are a woman of certain age, doesn’t mean you must cover up (ahem. Tipper Gore). You can show a bit of shoulder, a little cleavage and still be quite age appropriate.

felicity huffman
Felicity Huffman
Why it’s an Emmy Favorite: The color on this dress is amazing. If you’re blessed enough to have a killer body like Huffman (did you see her arms?), then make it the focus of your outfit. Go light on the accessories, keep the hair simple, and keep the shoes basic.

vanessa williams emmy
Vanessa Williams
Why it’s an Emmy Favorite: Anything is better than what she wore to the 2007 Golden Globes.

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