Embarassment Loves Company: Readers Respond

In last week’s Fashion Trends newsletter, I wrote about my past fashion mistakes. Seems like we’ve all have a few fashion mishaps lurking in our closets. Here are some responses from readers.

my fashion disaster was definitely tye-dye. My mom dressed me in it from head to toe. rainbow tye-dye! ugh! someone save me!

“my white and black lipstick and matching outfits phase

-my fuschia lipstick and matching trousers phase
-my “sexy” red nails matching my not-sexy cigarrete pack
-the stirrups…been there done that
-the flashdance “cut-up-all-my-sweatshirts” phase
-the sequin ballerina flats everyone teased me about when worn with flashdance sweatpants :”)

I recall my Jheri Curl, Wave Nuevo, jelly shoe, aqua-blue stir-up pant wearing days!!!!!!!!  And did I mention that on occasion I am still known to wow people with the lyrics from Twisted Sisters, “Come on Feel the Noise” I am so glad that I am 35 and relatively sane now.

One thing you left out (probably because you weren’t born yet) was this trend called “Hot Pants” in the early 1970’s.  These were short shorts you wore with matching tops, and they were for office wear (if you dared), dates we dressed up then, and dining out.  I cringe every time I think of visiting my best friend’s parents in Minneapolis and going to dinner at their country club.  My friend was wearing a darling long dress.  I was wearing navy blue and white polka-dotted hot pants.

Thanks for driving me down memory lane.  Oh my gawd.  I was a victim of each of those fashion horrors.  My dad and I got a Jheri Curl at the same time.  I was around 8 or 9.  My dad, always frugal and new to the use of activator and wanting to guide me on “How to properly activate the Jheri” did the moisturizing on my first outing post Jheri.  Again I must point out that my dad was “frugal,” alas my first school exposure with the Jheri was awful.  I woudn’t even call it a “dry curl” as my school friends AND elementary school teacher pointed out, it was more of an AFRO.  How embarrassing.  Well the next day, after my dad’s frugal squirts of the activator, I sneaked back in to the bathroom and freely activated my curl to it’s full potential and proved to my school mates that “See, I do have have a Jheri curl so there!!!

You seem to have missed were biking pants/shorts and those skirts with the spandex shorts attached underneath. Oh and those shiny black shoes with the ribbon or lace shoestrings.” 

slouch socks . . . off the shoulder shirts, ripped above the midriff with your tank top hanging out underneath

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