Elomi Bras Target Full-Figured Women

Full figures will be getting some love from the Britain-based Eveden Ltd. with the launch of a new “Elomi” line, which is intended to be both functional and—imagine this—feminine. The brand will feature sizes 32-52 and cups C through H, with a core size range from 34 to 48 back, addressing the problem lots of curvier girls have—a larger back instead of a fuller cup size.

The best part? According to Women’s Wear Daily, Elomi pieces will retail from $40 to $58, with Eveden’s current Goddess brand retailing in the $30s to mid-$40s. Which puts them in just about the same range the Cacique line at Lane Bryant, which until now had been our go-to brand for full-figured women on a budget.

Of course we haven’t seen the Elomi line first hand, but the pictures (like the bustier here) look promising. No website yet for Elomi, but click here to check out the Goddess bras.

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  1. smoonbyu says

    Well, I don’t know about you girls, but I tried the lane bryant line, only to find it digging into my shoulders and that was with someone measuring me!  I found a better bra/camisole body shaper at shapeez.com called the unbelievabra.  It costs slightly more, but isn’t your foundation worth it?  It does everything it claims to do, which most of the other products don’t.  It shapes, smooths, separates, controls, doesn’t sweat, doesn’t roll and it fits under the fittest of clothes. Try it, you won’t regret!

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