What Women Would Do For Youth

You spend your earlier years piling on the dark eye makeup in hopes of looking every bit of 21 on your “ID” picture as “Jane Smith.”  So, it’s funny how once you reach the ripe old age of your 21st birthday, you’re suddenly told “it’s all downhill.”


Welcome to the world of modern women.  Despite the strides made in gender equality, youth is still top of mind for women.  In fact, Elizabeth Arden conducted a story, and 76% of respondents said they would be “willing to do something extreme” to look young. No pain, no gain, right?

And by extreme, they meant:

  • Giving up social media for a year (33%)
  • Getting a cosmetic procedure (24%)
  • Letting their roots grow out (22%)
  • Giving up sex for a year (21%)
  • Giving up their mobile phone for a year (19%)
  • Working 7 days a week (17%)

The kicker is that Elizabeth Arden’s study found that 63% of women don’t use anti-aging products.

Would you do any of the above for a more youthful appearance?

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