EleVen by Venus Williams: New Budget Workout Line at Steven & Barrys


Venus Williams new workout line , EleVen, premiered this past week at Steve &Barry’s stores nationwide. Yawn….

Look, Venus and her sister Serena are amazing tennis players. but they often look like a steaming pot of hot mess on the red carpet. I don’t know one person, who’s like “Oh I want to dress like a Williams sister”, although the sisters ( think otherwise). But they do know work out clothes and the sisters are to tennis fashion what Flo Jo was to track and field fashion, so Venus this is a good move. Not sure if it will sell, but a much better move than you sister’s “Aneres” line.

There’s some cute work out pieces in the line- I especially liked the velour outfit with the long track jacket and matching wide leg pants. The kicks remind me of old school L.A. Gear kicks- which is a good thing, cause I loved my L.A. Gears. However, the Pro-Spirit line at Target is better overall budget workout line and the XXL is more like an XL (which shrinks to a L after a wash). 


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