Edible Landscaping: Budget Gardening Tip

If you live in the suburbs, it’s obvious that the same standard landscaping scene seems to predominate – a few shade or flowering trees, shrubs, and a manicured green lawn. But what good are those trees, other than providing some shade in the summertime and a habitat for birds?

Edible landscaping can provide more than just shade – it can bring fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs that you can enjoy all year round, saving you money on groceries and providing the very freshest in fruits and vegetables. What’s more, it’s not much more work than a regular landscape – just the usual pruning, weeding and watering.

We don’t recommend you overhaul your entire landscaping theme – that would be costly and could disrupt the habitat of birds, squirrels and other wildlife on your property. Instead, take a more natural approach the next time you’re thinking of planting a tree or even just a new plant in your flower beds. Instead of a flowering plant that might bloom for a week or two, try planting an herb plant, such as basil, which can provide your cooking with delicious flavor all summer long. Instead of a shrub or an evergreen tree, plant a fruit tree or two, or plant a row of grapes or raspberries instead of hedges – they’ll make a great fence, and a great snack. Or plant an herb garden for a green garden and enjoy fresh herbs all summer. In the fall, any extra harvest can be canned or frozen to be enjoyed throughout the cold winter months, when out-of-season fruits, vegetables and herbs are at a premium in the supermarket.

The options are limited only by your imagination. For more ideas, visit the Edible Landscaping page.

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