Edgy Handbags at Steve Madden

The Deal: Rocker-inspired handbags from Steve Madden.com

The Lowdown: We might not be quite ready to jump on the back of that Harley (or are we? Checking … aaand no) — but that doesn’t mean we can’t love the rocker/biker look and work it into our far-more-banal everyday life. Studs, chains, leather(ish) — it’s all fair game, and even better, it’s all easy to get on a budget. Just think how much more BA that practical-but-potentially-yawn-inducing black pantsuit will be with a fab studded handbag? Much. Our picks — courtesy of Steve Madden, natch — including a few on sale, to satisfy our endless craving for a style bargain.

Shop: Steve Madden.com

Our Picks:

Edgy Handbags

1. BGAMMA, on sale $59.95
2. BMONET, $90
3. BNIKKI, $58

Edgy Handbags

4. BSOLDIER, $68
5. BBRIANA, $88
6. BALPHA, $88

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