eCycle’s Printer Cartidge Recycling Program: Recycle This

You might have thought to just throw away your old printer cartridge, thinking that once the ink runs out, the card is no good. eCycle has created recycle programs for recyling your empty printer cartidges in order to reduce landfills, and also save us money by reusing cartridges we already have.

eCycle’s Campus Collection Program

eCycle has been present on college campuses finding solutions for campus to reuse their catridges, something which has been able to reduce printing costs, which will pass down to the students reducing their printing costs.

Can eCycle group benefit you?

Besides for helping the college campuses, eCycle can be a great solution for many individuals with their cartridge buy back program. eCycle will offer you cash your old catridges—just view the list and see if your cartridge appears on their list.  If it’s there, you can request a free shipping kit to powerly ship your printer catridges to eCycle.

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