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How many times have we forgotten to change the washing machine to the cold cycle before starting the load? That wasted energy heating the water, when it’s been proved to make no difference at all in terms of the cleanliness of the clothes! And despite the fact that we’ve reminded the kids to turn off the lights before leaving the house, we inevitably wander into their rooms, midday, thinking that glow beneath the door is from the sunlight. No such luck…

Now there’s a discreet way to remind ourselves, our loved ones, our roommates, our kids…that savings energy and saving money can be as easy as a little sticker.

How Ecominders work: Ecominders are removable & reusable stickers that serve as reminders about the little things we can do every day to contribute to the preservation of our environment. They remind you to turn off the water when you brush, print less from your computer, or unplug an appliance when you’re not using it.They also come with stickers to place on products and batteries that are toxic, preventing them from making their way into the landfill. Every time you use Ecominders, you’ll be helping to reduce carbon emissions, lighten your impact on the planet, and save money.

Some of the environmental savings results that can be achieved by using Ecominders:
* Unplug electronics that are not in use and save 2,000 pounds of CO2 and $260/year.
* Wash laundry using only the cold water cycle and save 1600 pounds of CO2 and $145/year.
* Set the thermostat two degrees higher in summer and two degrees lower in the winter and save 2,000 pounds CO2 and $100/year.

Ecominders is serious about helping you save the planet…and to prove it they’re giving away 5 sets of each of their two product lines. See information below on how to enter to win!

TO ENTER: Leave a comment below by Friday, February 20, at 5:00 P.M. PST — five winners will be chosen at random on February 21. Each winner will receive 1 pkg. of each Ecominder product line – Home & Office and Kids & Schools – along with an Ecominders reusable tote.

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