Eco-Friendly Suede: Green Fashion

Suede doesn’t usually make one think “eco-friendly” – the suede-based thought process is generally more along the lines of “pleasing and fashionable by-product of that very tasty cheeseburger, with a side serving of guilt.” But no longer. August marks the launch of the first line of eco-friendly suede jackets. From the beast to your back, Bernardo Green’s line of women’s outerwear is created following a process designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible – and put your eco-conscience at ease. (Unless you’re vegan, in which case we can’t help you.)

Keen to validate its uber-eco production process, Bernardo Green operates via environmentally responsible agencies and waste free tanneries (the water used in production is recycled to be drinkable and any remaining waste is converted to organic fertilizer). Using skins from humanely treated animals and biodegradable tanning agents and dyes, the entire manufacturing process can be verified as ecological. (It’s currently the only leather company to boast such credentials.) Even the tags are embedded with seeds that blossom into California poppies when planted.

Your responsible suede can come in the form of a safari-esque jacket with bone buttons or brown suede with structured sleeves. If you like your coats colorful, try the purple with three-quarter sleeves or a red military style. Green jackets come in a crop waist with metal buttons or a belted waist with nut buttons.

(Find Bernardo Green suede jackets at selected Nordstrom stores in August.)

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