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What: Our blog, The Budget Ecoist, teaches us how to live a green life on a budget. helps fashionistas like that stretch our desire to be eco-friendly with fashionable, pretty and bio-degradable dresses.

What We Say: Expand your wardrobe and infuse a social conscience into your wardrobe. You might’ve thought “organic” just referred to food—we admit we’re still learning, too. We like the idea that our clothes could potentially help the environment. Wearing these dresses is practically the same as recycling your glass, plastics and metals. Just stylishly.

This white cotton mini dress by Trinity is only $69.00. We like the keyhole in the back, pleats at the hem, and of course, it’s 100% cotton.

The Catalina strapless dress by Zen-Knits features an interwoven waist, a bow in the back, and best of all, a bright and cheery orangey red. Now $85.00.

Do you like to shop eco-friendly? Did you know there was such a thing as a biodegradable dress?

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    Eco-friendly dresses that use organic cotton may still be made using processes harmful to the environment.  Make sure it’s free trade cotton or buy local fashions that don’t need to be shipped.

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