Eco Alternatives to Toxic Cleaning Supplies: Green Tip

Vinegar, Borax, and Baking Powder can all be used as a non-toxic alternative to cleaning sprays. These are not only inexpensive ways to keep your home clean, but also safe for children and pets.

Vinegar can actually be used a great cleaner. It’ll kill germs and is completely non-toxic making it safer for everyone in the household.

1. A Floor Cleaner.  Use vinegar in a pail of water and start wiping.

2. Window Cleaner.  All it takes is half water, half vinegar in a spray bottle.

Borax can be used as a multipurpose cleaner.

1. Sink Cleaner. Use it scrub all that residue on your sink.

2. Toilet Cleaner. Let is sit overnight in the bowl and voila!

3. Oven Cleaner. Let borax sit on the bottom of the oven overnight. Clean the next day—and watch it work its magic.

Baking Powder is a great scrubber and a freshener.

1. A non scratch-able scrubber. Sprinkle Powder on an area and then dampen. Use an old onion bag net as the scrubber.

2. A fridge freshener.  Keep a box of baking powder in your fridge to keep things odor-free.

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