Eatwild Farm Directory: Organic Food

If you’re looking for a pasture based farm for meat or farm products, check out Eatwild’s Directory of Farms. More than 800 pasture-based farms in the United States and Canada are listed, offering grass-fed meat and dairy products. To access the directory, click on your state in the map on the home page.

The farms listed in Eatwild’s Directory are required to meet several criteria; these standards ensure that the animals and the land are both treated kindly, that products are high in nutrition, and that antibiotics and added hormones are not used. Many of the farms are organically certified; others follow many of the organic standards.

Products offered include pastured beef, pork, lamb, bison (buffalo), rabbits, chevon (goat meat), deer, chicken, and turkey; as well as eggs, milk, butter and cheese from grass-fed cows or goats, and wild-caught seafood, produce, nuts, and honey. Support your local farmers and support humane meat and farm products at the same time.

Feel good.

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