Easy Organic Appetizer for Independence Day Parties: Organic Food

If you keep your kitchen good and stocked with the basics, then this little organic appetizer should be easy to whip up with minimal extra cost (you just might have all the ingredients!) and with time enough for you to throw your hair into a pony, jump into a cute organic tee (gentlemen, please substitute throw a dab of gel into your hair and jump into a masculine organic tee) and make your way to the celebrations.

The Budget Ecoist’s Sweet and Sassy Organic Deviled Eggs

Dozen organic, free-range eggs
¼ cup organic mayonnaise
4 teaspoons mustard (if you like sweeter, use champagne mustard; if you like savory choose Dijon mustard)
2 teaspoons local, organic honey (local honey tidbit: did you know that eating local honey is widely believed to help address allergy symptoms?)
Curry powder

Boil eggs, remove shells and cut in half lengthwise.
Pop out the yellow centers and put them into a bowl. Put the empty egg white halves on a serving dish.
Add mayonnaise, mustard and honey to the bowl. Mix with egg yolks until smooth.
Scoop the yolk mixture into the egg white halves. If you really want to be fancy, you can put the egg yolk mixture into a Ziploc sandwich bag and cut off one of the tips of the bag to use it as a pastry bag. Squirt out the mixture into the egg whites in a pretty little swirly design.
Top your sweet little deviled eggs with a sassy sprinkling of curry powder.

Enjoy the party!

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