Eastern Style on a Budget: Pearl River Mart


If “Memoirs of a Geisha” has you jonesing for a kimono, padded jacket, or even a bamboo bird cage, look no further than the Chinese and Japanese influenced apparel and furnishings at Pearl River. The store, located a few steps from knock-off mecca Canal street, has graced New York city for over 30 years and is a favorite of lower east side fashionistas. Now fashionistas outside of NYC can score their authentic, high quality, merchandise online. The store offers hundreds of treasures . . .
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  1. Jalise says


    I live in North Carolina and we have this great little shop in Durham. They sell kimonos, hand painted and drawn pictures, and the most exotic pocketbooks and wallets. They are called Oriental Vogue and are located in Northgate Mall. I would highley suggest going there if you’re in the market for something bright and fun!

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