Easter Basket Filler: Recycle This

Happy Easter to those of you who are celebrating today. For a greener Easter think about some of these great tips:

1. Waxy, plastic Easter basket filler is SO yesterday, and SO bad for the environment. Why not simply use paper you have around the house and put it through the shredder? In the picture you can see how we used some basic purple crepe paper, shredded it and filled the basket! Other fun options are scrap book paper in fun designs, as well as left-over tissue paper from gift packages. Added bonus: kids love to shred paper!

2. Organic, free-range eggs. Remember that farmers who grow organic eggs and allow their chickens to roam, creates eggs that are not only better for the environment, but also better for YOU!

3. Don’t let those eggs go to waste! You went through all that trouble to dye them, now make use of them for your Easter brunch or dinner. Deviled eggs are a favorite in our family. Here’s some creative deviled egg recipes. But we’ll tell you our secret for crowd-pleasing devilied eggs: For sweet, make them as normal, but when you mix in the mayo and the mustard, add a tablespoon or so of honey. For savory, instead of honey add a tablespoon of vinegar. Yum!

4. Save those plastic eggs! If you have small kids and are still in the mode of organizing Easter egg hunts, save those plastic eggs and re-use them from year to year. Your kids will outgrow them before they’ve lost their use (unless your clutzy like us and step on them during egg hunts!). So when you’re done you can pass them along to friends who have small children.

5. Make that Easter brunch vegetarian. Eggs provide plenty of protein so you can fill up on fruits, veggies and other good vegetarian sources of food for the remainder of your meal.

Happy Green Easter!

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