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  1. Vick says

    Uhgh no for me. The reason I started coloring my hair in the first place is because I hate my natural hair color, which resembles mouse fur.

  2. says

    I just went through this whole struggle recently. My hair has been blond since middle school, and I’m 33 now. I have no idea what my natural hair color even is! I read somewhere that the best, most flattering hair color for a person is the color they had when they were a toddler.

    Anyway, I added dark back into my hair, a warmer brown and a neutral brown, then highlights, with the overall effect of darker hair after I had decided to color my own hair with a “Supreme Blond” color kit. (Orange?) I love it. My stylist said if I went all brown, one color, it wouldn’t even reflect my natural hair color because I have natural highlights and around my face is much lighter than underneath. Anyway, although it’s tempting to go “natural” natural hair would have natural dimension and one shade of box color would not (no matter what it says on here).

  3. prophetcharless@gmail.com says


    I am currently natural. I’ve been natural for about 3 years now, with the exception of a “mild” relaxer once or twice just to get it manageable. Before,
    I always wore my hair relaxed and my hair at the time was very thin and grew no longer than shoulder-length. At one point, I got very ill due to a
    medical condition and I was given one treatment of chemotherapy. Unfortunately, all my hair came out. My head was then shaved when my hair
    started to grow back because it started growing back in patches. When it started growing back, I just let it grow as is (natural). I was very satisfied
    with my hair being natural because my hair began growing at a faster rate and it became much thicker. I am very frustrated though, because it is
    extremely hard for me to maintain. I believe I am doing more damage to my hair than if it wasn’t natural. i have use different type of cream to
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