DSW Shoewarehouse: Changes to DSW Shoe Rewards Sparks Controversy with Readers and TBF

I’ve received several emails from you about the changes to DSW’s Shoe Reward Program. Previously, shoppers received a $25 gift certificate for every $250 spent at the store, regardless of whether or not the shoes were on sale. NOW, you get a $10 certificate for every $150 you spend (10 points for every dollar you spend, with $10 reward at 1500 points) and half the base credit (5 points) for shoes you buy on sale.

According to literature received in the mail from DSW, shoppers were the ones who requested this change:

“Thanks to your suggestions, it keeps the best of your existing benefits, but adds more great members-only advantages”

I’m very disappointed in DSW for trying to “trick” shoppers into thinking that this new program is better than the previous program and that shoppers actually requested this change. What shopper would request that a store make it harder to receive rewards? As noted by reader Audrey “You get HALF CREDIT for buying shoes on sale—you have to spent $600 at the clearance rack to get a $20 reward.”

I love DSW, it’s the only place I can afford to shop for designer shoes for my size 11 feet (the boots I wore on the TODAY show came directly from the DSW at the Jersey Garden Mall). I mean, if they’re going to change the program, go ahead and change it….but don’t lie about the reason why you’re changing it.

What the new DSW Shoe Rewards is Offering Customers

-Free membership (already exists)
– The ability to earn rewards faster (yes, you earn rewards faster, but you have to spend more to get the same rewards as before)
– The option of using your telephone instead of your membership card (already exists)
– An improved personal webpage at dswshoes.com (who cares?)
– Special offers and birthday rewards (already exists)
– Two double-point shopping days each year STARTING IN 2007 (only two?)
– Personalized DSW e-zine (who cares? Do we need anymore SPAM?)
– Opportunity to earn an even higher level of benefits with DSW Premier Rewards (Whatever, the higher level just appears to be the same level as before)

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  1. says

    I agree. I never spent tons of money at DSW, but I’ve had the card for years. I love getting free or low-priced membership cards to stores, but you really have to give me great benefits in order to make it worth my while. Right now, The Body Shop and Borders Rewards have this program beat, in my opinion, and that’s only two of the many good ones out there.

  2. says

    First i’m also pissed at DSW’s new rewards. It will definitely be awhile to I see another $25 gift certificate again :( but the DSW’s that I went to didn’t already have the just give us your phone number option. I always had to have my card with me or come back with my reciept to be issued credit, which was a pain in the a&& when I didn’t drive there and thus no access to my key chain card.

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