Dry Body Brushing: Yay or Nay?

Why I Like Dry Body Brushing

Gross as it may sound, I like to see the flakes of skin fly off as I scrub away (results I can see, yay!)  You can’t witness that in the shower since the water gets in the way.

I also feel more in tune to my body.  It’s just my brush and me without the sounds of streaming water or the need to constantly adjust the shower head.  No alternating between brushing and then using hair conditioner, then back to brushing.  This way, I’m focused on those upward strokes of goodness designed to detox my skin and keep my system going strong.  It’s actually kind of Zen.

That’s for starters.  I love that once I’m in the shower and shave, it’s so much easier.  The razor glides better, leaving my legs super smooth.

Perhaps the best part is that I definitely feel more energized.  It’s one of those things that a lady just has to try to know the feeling I’m describing.  Something about prepping your skin all over, then hopping in the shower leaves me feeling supercharged.  Forget the coffee . . . bring out the body brush!

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