Dry Body Brushing: Yay or Nay?

Smooth skin is always in.  But getting more energy and detoxing our system while we’re at it?   I’m all for it.   That’s why when I heard about dry body brushing (a.k.a. dry brush skin detox), I was all over it.   So, what is it and how’s it different from the way we’ve been sloughing off dead skin in the shower?

The Scoop: What Dry Body Brushing Does 

Basically, dry body brushing is what we’ve been doing all along, minus the shower part.   Instead of using a body brush while showering, use a body brush before showering.  Brush using upward strokes, starting at our legs.  The entire concept is that dry body brushing boosts circulation because there’s more direct pressure (no water and soaps to get in the way).

Without getting overly scientific, a dry skin brush skin detox helps stimulate fluids in our lymph nodes which basically means our organs get better oxygen and blood flow.   After brushing, step in the shower to rinse off dead skin and clean as usual.  Thanks to the exfoliating prep beforehand, skin better absorbs moisturizing cleansers and also makes shaving easier.

Yay or Nay to Dry Body Brushing?

Some folks say that dry body brushing can over-stimulate our system and really shouldn’t be done.  Well, I suppose.  If you’re OCD to the point where just reading this is sending you into a blistering frenzy, sure, skip it.  In all seriousness though, there are some ladies with circulation issues, so use a brush with soft bristles and consider not brushing every single day.

As for me, I’m all about it.  I’ve always used a bristled brush in the shower, telling friends that I love how “it gets the itchies out” and keeps my skin smooth.  This idea of doing it before showering intrigued me and now, I’m hooked!

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