Question: Beauty- Inspirational or Aspirational?

Dove has created yet another controversial commercial/ad campaign challenging our concept of beauty. Titled “Dove Evolution”, the commercial, which appeared last week on ABC’s Good Morning America, makes a very powerful statement about the reality (or lack of reality) of beauty. 

While I applaud Dove for challenging us to think about our concepts of beauty and for creating a BRILLIANT viral ad campaign, I do find the ads to be a bit simplistic. Do we, as women, want ads to feature models who look like better versions of ourselves (inspirational) or feature models (whether real or enhanced) that represent societies notion of ideal beauty (aspirational)?

Yes, the fashion and beauty industry (including DOVE) use several tools to create artificial images of beauty, but, at the same time, people like to look at beautiful things, even if those beautiful things aren’t real

So, Beauty: Inspirational or Aspirational?