Dove Energizing Ultimate Clear Deodorant: Product Review

What: Christiana tries out Dove Energizing Ultimate Clear Deodorant. At a suggested price of $4.99 ($4.24 at, the scents of grapefruit and lemongrass try to keep the user smelling fresh and so clean in this heat and humidity.

The Lowdown: The pros first: I’ve always been dedicated to clear or gel deodorants for fear that solids would smear on my clothing. This deodorant, however, didn’t appear even on my darkest tops. This made me very happy. The grapefruit and lemongrass scents combined to create an ambiguous but pleasant fragrance that served as a second, subtler perfume for me. This deodorant is very easy to use, with a wider knob at the bottom instead of a tiny, circular one.

Now, this product also promises to offer 24-hour protection. This was a moot point for me, since I took showers in between uses. In between showers, I felt secure and confident that I didn’t stink of sweat. My only significant problem with this deodorant was the word “energizing” in its title. I didn’t feel energized or peppy as a result of it. If the scent was supposed to awaken my senses, it didn’t.

Yea or Nay:  Yea, only because it accomplishes the goals of a basic deodorant.

Buy it: @, $4.24.

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