Shoptalk Lifestyle Podcast Series: TLC’s Doug Wilson

Welcome to another exciting season of Shoptalk—Fashion and Lifestyle Podcast.

This season I’m chatting with some of my favorite peeps and brands like the editors of Lucky Magazine, TLC’s Doug Wilson, and financial guru Kelli Grant. Be sure to check out my two part interview with supermodel, mom, and CEO Iman (note: we discuss everything from mommy purses to the lack of models of color in fashion).

Today, I’m chatting with my friend and favorite home decorating guru, Doug Wilson, supastar of shows like TLC’s “Trading Spaces” and “Moving Up”. We chat about the power of color and the thrill of a great Marshalls (which, by the way, is one of the BEST places to shop for home items).

Click on the player above to listen to my chat with Doug.

For more info on Doug, please head to:

Doug Wilson LTD

Check out his book—Doug’s Rooms: Transforming Your Space One Room at a Time

NEXT WEEK ON SHOPTALK: Kelli Grant of gives us the scoop on how to navigate this tough economy.

Interview with Doug Wilson

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